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About Hannah

Hannah Fraser Moore | Empowerment Life Coach for Women

I'm  a coach, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, writer, and entrepreneur. I'm married and live in the English countryside with three completely brilliant sons and far too many pets. For the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people rediscover their ability to choose themselves, build loving lasting equitable relationships and create lives that really work for them.

As  a coach and a therapist my work combines highly effective life coaching practices and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, rooted in Jungian and post-Jungian psychology and Sacred Feminine Spirituality. This approach enables us to work collaboratively and process your past experiences whilst finding the most magical and effective ways forward - change that get's deep into your soul and rewires your DNA.​


Everything we need is inside us, we’ve just been taught to look the other way.

Meet up session with Hannah Fraser Moore

Let's Meet

Book a  30 minute Exploration.

Here we'll meet each other, explore the work you want you do, look at your goals and difficulties and see if we are a good fit for ongoing work.

30 minute call 


Ongoing Coaching with Hannah Fraser Moore

Ongoing Coaching

Here we'll start the deep soul work and uncover what you need, and what is holding you back.

This is intensive work for women who want to own their power and step up to the next level.

Weekly or biweekly sessions


Meet up session with Hannah Fraser Moore

Focus Session

Book a 80 minute Laser Focused Power Session.

Here we'll look at one issue and see what's holding you back from achieving your objective.

We'll outline clear and effective strategies to move forward.

80 minute call




​" I can't recommend working with Hannah enough, it's a total game changer." 



​"Hannah taught me how to know what I wanted - sounds obvious, but I had been all out at sea, disconnected from myself, having clarity here, has helped me transform my life."



If you want to explore coaching or have any questions get in touch

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