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Hannah Fraser  Moore ~ Soul Work For Magical Lives

Soul Work for Magical Lives

Empowerment Coach for Women like you.

If you're ready to rebuild yourself from the inside out, rediscover your unique brilliance, grab life with both hands, and experience joy, magic, abundance and deep soul connection on a daily basis.

This is the coaching for you.


Access the Becoming Whole is a 90-minute pre-recorded workshop that will enable you reconnect to your authentic self and develop a beautiful, grounded & psychologically strong sense of who you are, so you can start actualizing your fullest potential.

Access to previous workshop.

The 90-minute pre-recorded  workshop that will enable you to Meet Your Shadow and see what fears are holding you back. Learn how to re-home your rejected parts, and recognise how your Shadow turns up in your relationships and the
world around you.

Through this work you will learn to self-advocate and embrace your power,  & creativity and develop a stronger sense of who you are.



"Hannah Fraser Moore  helped me find a solidity and deep sense of ease within myself, this allowed me to make long overdue changes. I no longer priortise making everyone else happy at the expense of my plans and dreams. When I want to do something, I do it."



"Hannah Fraser Moore showed me that I didn't need to self sacrifice or chop of parts of myself to be in relationships or to get what I want - I hadn't realised how much of myself I'd abandoned - now I feel like I'm back."



"I don't know what I would have done without this coaching. I had no idea how much of myself I had packaged away and how desperately I needed me back." 



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