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Meeting Your Shadow

Pre-recorded Workshop 

Meeting Your Shadow is a 90-minute online workshop that will enable you to develop a beautiful, grounded & psychologically strong sense of who you are so you can start living the life you were always meant to.

What if I told you within each of us there is an hidden room full of our unwanted & rejected parts which actively sabotage our dreams & plans, causes havoc in our relationships and keeps us playing small.

What if I told you we could reclaim these parts and use their energy to
create the lives we want?


As we head into the darkest part of the year, I'm inviting you to MEETING YOUR SHADOW the 90-minute online workshop for women who want to reconnect (re-member) with the parts of themselves they've had to cut off or hide to fit in and be accepted.


We'll look at how patriarchy and early childhood conditioning, family rules & expectations (and our own) have kept us playing small... and how our internal patriarchy acts to limit our potential, telling us - that left to our own devices - we're too much, shameful, unlovable and wrong.

If you’ve grown up believing you have to behave in a certain way to be loved, that certain emotions – anger, confidence, sadness for example, need to be hidden and your sexuality, sensuality and unbridled joy need to be toned down, or if you’re convinced you’re ‘too much’, or selfish to want more, or if you're worried you’re not enough - this workshop is for you.

If you’ve had enough of living a life by everyone else’s rules, feel fed up, stuck and overwhelmed, or if you're replaying the same relationship dynamics again and again and are ready to step into the fullest, most magical and highly effective expression of who you are...

  • What is 'Shadow Work' and why is it vital for healing and getting the life you want?
    We all have psychological Shadows made up of all the soul parts, feelings and the attributes we reject or repress to fit in and remain one of the pack. From day one we hear messages from our parents, carers, society and peers about how we should behave and what will get us liked and accepted and unconsciously exile anything that lies outside of these 'good behaviours'. We do this to protect ourselves from real and imagined abandonment and rejection. We think it’s necessary for our survival. But these banished parts, often buried under layers of shame, rarely remain dormant and cause havoc in our day-to-day lives. Our shadow aspects are regularly projected onto those around us (as they say we marry our unfinished business) and make themselves felt in procrastination, conflicts, addictions, self-sabotage, when we really want to do something but remain eternally stuck, in the things we hate about others, and in the collective shadow as racism, scapegoating, misogyny and prejudice. For women, our Shadows contain the parts of our personalities we've had to cut off to survive in a patriarchal society and adhere to a culturally accepted ideas of what it means to be a woman. This means our anger, greed, jealousy - anything not ladylike – is often rejected or contorted to present us, outwardly, as 'good girls' - desirable, soft and nurturing. To keep us trapped in a world where our power lies in being chosen, where we're scarred to be unique and nervous to put our heads above the parapet. Where our anger is vented passively, our power found through association (good marriages), where we think wanting more makes us selfish or 'too much' and where daring to be unliked feels too dangerous. But our Shadow parts refuse to stay silent and make themselves known when somebody triggers us, in the things we hate in others, in our dreams, our relationships, our work, our behaviour, in the way we look after ourselves, in our bodies and the things we find taboo. This workshop will help you meet your Shadow so you can re-home these shadowy parts, stop projecting things you don't like about yourself onto other people, take ownership of your own emotions, see what fears are holding you back, learn to self-advocate, develop a grounded psychological & spiritual sense of who you are and stop getting in the way of the life you’re trying to create.
  • Find out more about Hannah
    I’m a life coach and therapist with over 15 years of experience in mental health. I’ve trained in Jungian psychodynamic psychotherapy, strategic life coaching and sacred feminine spirituality and I get results by helping you understand your patterns and the unconscious processes that are governing your life. Through my one-to-one coaching and in group face to face and online workshops, I give you the tools to choose how you live your life and decide what you want it to look like. Alongside my private practice, I also work in an Eating Disorders and Addiction clinic in England, UK. What’s more – I have also grown up as a woman in Western patriarchal culture – yes with heaps of privilege, but also with all the baggage and expectations of late Gen X and early millennial women who were told they could have it all and then ended up in jobs, marriages and in environments that said ‘Yes you can have it, but not like that’. A generation brought to its knees by wanting to follow our dreams whilst still carrying out the patriarchal expectations of those around us. I’ve had over 10 years of my own psychotherapy, coaching and 4 X weekly psychoanalysis. I’ve dug in – or rather, at times, fallen flat on my face into my own Shadow. I understand how impossible breaking patterns and forming new ways of being can seem and I’ve finally arrived – with many a psychological bruising - in a place where I can call my life my own, on my terms. If you want a life that’s truly yours, if your soul is calling you and you know you’re meant for better things – Please join me for MEETING YOUR SHADOW.
  • Who is this workshop for?
    For women who want the tools to live their best lives. For women who feel the have a big mission or a soul purpose that is locked in side and desperate to come out. For women who want to understand about the unconscious processes that are holding them back. For women who feel like they’ve been living by everyone else’s rules, have abandoned or partly abandoned their dreams and don’t want to waste any more time living by other people’s rules. For women who feel like they’re banging their heads against the wall in their present relationships and want deeper connection with the people they love. For women who feel flat, or stuck in the rut of self blame and procrastination. For women who want to know about patriarchal brainwashing, internal patriarchy and how it shows up in everything they do. For women who are serious about their own innerwork and healing. For women who want to step into their most magical, integrated, dynamic, fun, juicy and authentic lives.
  • What will I learn from the BECOMING Workshop?
    During the workshop you will learn: What the Shadow is. Understand why our Shadows ask us to abandon parts of ourselves. Identify how your Shadow slips into your everyday life, in relationships, in triggers, in the people who rub you up the wrong way, in your beliefs about what you can and cannot do. You’ll discover how your Shadow lurks in the places you remain silent or play small. Learn how the patriarchy relies on you keeping big chunks of your personality hidden in the darkness. Learn about internal patriarchy and how we play a part in our own gender repression. Learn how to face your shadow with compassion, devotional self-love and listen to what these parts are trying to tell you. Learn how to befriend your abandoned parts and STOP SELF-ABANDONING. Learn how to articulate what you want clearly, to say when you’re upset, set boundaries, identify your needs and get them met. Learn how the Shadow can play havoc in your relationships and see what you need to do to fix this. Learn how to apply what you’ve learnt so you can live a fuller, juicier and more authentic life. Celebrate how wonderful it is to show up authentically in a World that wants to tell you who you are.
  • How do I attend the BECOMING SHADOW workshop?
    We’ll meet on Zoom, I’ll spend 90 minuntes teaching you about Shadow Work and show how it’s essential groundwork for all healing. They’ll be some meditation, soul exercises and journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into the work and give you further ideas for future exploration, there’ll be time for questions and opportunities for mini coaching. The workshop will be recorded and emailed out within 48 hours. The cost of the workshop is $50 Scholarships are available for those in financial need – just send me an email at hannah@hannahfrasermoore explaining your situation, why you want to do the workshop and what financial support you need.
  • Who is this workshop not for?
    This workshop is not for anybody in crisis, and is not meant as a replacement for individual or group therapy or mental health care. It is also not for women who think there's a quick fix, one size fits all process to healing and who are reluctant to do the inner work necessary for healing.
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