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Hannah Fraser Moore

Everything we need is inside us, we’ve just been taught to look the other way.


My one-on-one coaching & therapy sessions, as well as online training programs will help you to understand why your life isn't working the way you want it to  and show you the path back to yourself - fully, joyfully and unapologetically.

We'll look at everything that's made you you. Dive into your habits/beliefs/behaviors and explore how they're driving your life today.  Analyze how culture and family dynamics shaped you, your patterns of relating, the coping mechanisms and defenses you've adopted to survive, unearth intergenerational trauma & any inherited programming. Dig out  the places and circumstances where you're working to fit in over being authentic, understand your people pleasing  and and codependent tendencies, look at where you're playing small and keeping quiet, explore how the choices you've made have created the life you live today (both good and bad) and root out where  you may be sabotaging or limiting your potential for fear of judgement, abandonment and rejection.

Over the last two decades, I’ve taught thousands of women, rebuild their lives from the inside out. I’ve helped them to love themselves fiercely and finally prioritize the lives they want, ditch the patriarchial orthodoxy and outdated ways of operating whilst creating time for deep connection with their kids, partners & loved ones, daily magic and authentic lives filled with joy and purpose.

Coaching style

My coaching is designed to help you build a home within you and stop looking for it in other people and places.


My aim is to help you understand how previous relationships and experiences – and the meanings you attached to them, still play a part in your present and can be thought about differently. I’ll show you why you do things you do, explore what makes you tick and discover what your triggers are trying to tell you.

Our work together will give you a solid unshakeable sense of self that can withstand the slings and arrows of everyday life, enabling you to make kind and clear boundaries, whilst pursuing your goals and happiness.


Every single person faces unique challenges, no ones history is the same and each therapy or coaching experience will be different and crafted specifically for you.

Coaching Options

1 X 90 minute – jump start session, designed to look at one issue and how to resolve it.


If needs be we can continue in additional sessions $250

Ongoing weekly or biweekly coaching $175



Coaching Themes

  • Self-reliance, self love and providing you with an iron clad sense of internal security

  • Boundaries and communication

  • Hot juicy passionate 50/50 relationships where you get to say NO to emotional labor.

  • Dating strategies

  • Archetypes and how we can use them to transform our lives

  • Mother, father and sibling wounds

  • Patriarchy, cultural and internal

  • Codependency

  • Grief work

  • Living with Narcissists & toxic relationship patterns

  • Addiction

  • Emotional intelligence - being able to express all your emotions – not just the pretty one, effectively and clearly

  • Embracing follow through – being able to set goals and achieve them

  • Knowing when to move on

  • Beating self sabotage

  • Re-parenting yourself

  • Finding a Home within.

I’ll teach you how to plan, design and curate your own unique story. To live a life full of joy and abundance, where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and the mundane becomes magical.


You’ll learn ways to stop the old wounds and patterns from sabotaging your success, you’ll worry less about what other people think and instead trust your own instincts.


Your dreams will become possible and your goals attainable.  


But most importantly, this work will enable you to create a life you love, a life that’s truly yours.

I work with clients one on one or through online courses.

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